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CD Construction, Inc. a building process as pleasing as the product435.654.0868

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3d modeling & imaging

Utilizing the latest technology, CD Construction works with clients and architects to fully build their home digitally in 3D models.  With 3D imaging, black and white sketches and construction drawings come to life and take form.  This process relieves unneeded stress and gives confidence to homeowners that their home will be what they want and expect.

 Homeowners can truly visualize and understand finishes and layouts long before construction and installation begin. As a home builder, change orders, material re-orders, and general confusion can be mitigated through the process of 3D modeling and imaging.  Jobs can then be completed quicker and potentially less expensive through implementing this process.

Sun & light studies can also be performed to show the optimum location and orientation of the home on the lot.  Desired window locations, length of the eaves and overhangs, and other factors are taken into account to ensure the home is most efficient in summer and winter months. Preventing direct summer sunlight and allowing for passive solar heating in winter reduce utility bills and provide more comfortable living. 

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