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CD Construction, Inc. a building process as pleasing as the product435.654.0868

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about us

CD Construction.  Founded in 1997 by Scot Davis and Ed Clyde, CD Construction has developed a value driven philosophy that turns ideas into thoughtful, well-planned construction projects.  Clients’ needs are served with a practical approach that stresses personal service, technical competence, budgetary discipline, and timely completion.  CD Construction is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, from initial pre-construction planning to on-site management of every step throughout.  Scot and Ed’s compassion, respect, and superior craftsmanship allows them to exceed the expectations of their clients in every aspect, creating personal trust, professional respect, and lifelong relationships.

Custom homes.  Each project brings the challenge of implementing the architect’s intentions, the engineer’s structural requirements, and the client’s dreams into their home, whether it is 1,500 or 15,000 square feet.  From the first truck of concrete to the last finishing nail, each home is constructed stressing every detail.  Using the latest technology of 3D imaging and modeling, homes can be visualized and virtually constructed before physical construction begins – clarifying the owner’s needs and resolving issues before breaking ground.  This ability not only eases the stress of understanding blueprints and floor plans, but also allows for fewer changes after construction begins.  This allows for more customization while finishing in a timely manner, minimizing or eliminating unexpected costs.

Conception and Design.  Each project integrates interior space that shares and interacts with the outdoors, taking full advantage of the views and natural beauty of Utah, while providing maximum privacy for the owners.  An interplay of space and lighting, backed by high standards of quality building, ensures more than just a successful project; it guarantees a grand masterpiece of design architecture.  Building homes throughout Utah from ultra-contemporary to rustic mountain or traditional styles, CD Construction’s goal in every home is always “Customer satisfaction that is timeless”.

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